Budget Weddings

I’ve had my head down sewing like a mad woman over the long weekend. I’m pretty happy with the results…no I’m not making clothes or accessories….my sewing skills aren’t THAT crash hot but I do like to dabble on the old sewing machine, especially when it involves sewing straight lines in a stitch where I don’t have to change the foot. In order to personalise (and the fact we couldn’t find anything like them to actually buy) my lovely fiancé, Rich and I, spent a good part of yesterday cutting and measuring (him) and sewing (me) pretty polka dot napkins for our upcoming wedding. We’re not into pink or floral motifs…a bit of colour and fun is in order!

I was resigned not to be doing this task the evening before the wedding (no doubt it’ll be cooking or some other DIY task though)  and hurrah for us we finished pretty quickly and I even had time to knock up a couple of flags (wedding websites have told me that they are called buntings).

Our budget is small (under $14,000) so we’re doing all we can ourselves. We’re being creative…cutting costs wherever we can! We’re going pretty low-cost and only having 60 guests but I think little personal touches can really make an event…. hell the day is about us so why not! Next we’re going to make some hangy, lantern things out of balloons, glue and string.  We’ve also been collecting jam jars etc for table centerpieces (our lovely neighbour Ana is helping us out and friends when they remember!). Our local $2 shop is closing down and now everything is half price so we’ve stocked up on candles and supplies from there.  I love Etsy and I know there are heaps of useful and gorgeous things to buy and inspire on their wedding blog!

We will be filming a budget wedding story very soon for The Circle. Have you got any money saving ideas to share with us? Please email me lovelocalfashion@gmail.com if you do!


One thought on “Budget Weddings

  1. I never thought of making my own napkins, that’s such a good idea! I am making all my bouquets for my wedding. Hand made is the way to go! It’s just so satisfying.

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