…and we’re back

What a year!
Highs and lows, old jobs, new jobs and nice clothes!
(I have no intention of completing that hearty rhyme by the way…)
I started this blog in early 2012 to highlight the magnificent talent and commitment to local fashion… Australian manufactured clothing shoes and accessories.
As a presenter on The Circle (ten Network) I set myself a challenge to only wear only locally made outfits, it was fun and very satisfying to see that it is possible to still buy locally produced products. The quality and variety was truly inspiring and I was challenged to step put of my clothing boundaries (of what I would normally buy and wear) and really have a good time with it.
Then the show was cancelled (bastards)  and I was at a bit of a loss to do with my blog.
Should I keep it going?
I would really like to!
I’ve been busy paying my bills (freelancing in the entertainment and media industries is always a challenge) BUT I know hope to pick up where I left off, highlighting the awesomeness that is local Australian fashion.
If you are a fashion PR person, write to me, send press releases, look books etc.
If you are a new designer and you manufacture locally, get in touch.
If you have ideas and suggestions for the blog…likewise hit me up.

If you are looking for some last-minute gifts or if you’re feeling crafty, check out Meet me at MikesGood Stuff Guide’, it’s packed full of locally produced products and things I WANT!
Also if you’re in Melbourne, why not head along to The People’s Market, a fabulous market in Collingwood that bursting with crafts, gifts, snacky snacks and booze!
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.24.52 AM

I visited last weekend and spotted some lovely pieces from Melbourne jewellery and accessories label Something Profound.
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.29.58 AMI loved this roped necklace (tu-be or to to be). Stunning and clever!
I’m looking forward to hitting the market again this weekend to see what other marvels I can report back on.
Do you have any local Christmas shopping suggestions?


MIM and Olive & Finn

Two exciting local fashion events this week for me, was attending the Made in Melbourne, (MIM) Melbourne Spring Fashion Week show and also the launch of Olive and Finn, a new online store that promotes emerging designers that work within the Australian & New Zealand industry.  Event like these get me really excited because as well as supporting local industry, they, hopefully, bring new talent to the forefront and encourage buyers to take a risk, step away from the chain stores and buy something new and different.

The MIM runway show incorporated a couple of tricky and very customer friendly, impulse buy, easy to use sales techniques…such as a QR codes in the handbook. All of the designers for the evening (Lisa Tatanto, Tai & Amaya, Cadelle Leather, Stella Blanche, Ichu Jewellery, ARON, Sleep’n Round. Mina Katusha and Kathryn Beker) had items for immediate sale via iPhone and android handsets. As someone who suffers from bouts of little to know self-control when it comes to nice things, this was incredibly tempting, especially seeing the garments sail by you, worn by gorgeous people!

I have a sneaking suspicion that there was many attendees at the The Olive and Finn launch in Collingwood that also where lucky enough to be at MIM. Director and owner, Olivia Howard describes Olive & Finn as “more of a style hub, than an online store”.

“It was a little bit of a selfish venture to begin with – basically I wanted to be able to wear the best of the best that no one else had or knew about!” she said.

I hear you sister.

“The relationship between some designers and the retail stores seem to be a cold business transaction. Many of the designers struggle to find a retailer that doesn’t come with a million conditions,” she said.

Keep an eye on the site for lots more additions of emerging designers that will be added in the coming weeks.

For MIM, a fabulous array of designs and designers and a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd made this event a must do on the MSFW calendar…and you with any emerging fashion event I encourage a rash purchase because you never know which, (probably all) of the designers we’ll be seeing at main events in the years to come.

I wore ‘Tuning the Tunic’ , a fabulous, mod piece by Andie Meredith to MIM and a necklace by Emily Green.

* This post is also featured on Melbgirl

Livia Arena & Catherine Leon

It may be cold outside but there’s plenty of hot stuff happening fashion wise in Melbourne. Gross. Did I just write that? Someone vote me off the island.
Lady Melbourne has a marvellous piece about Catherine Leon’s new ‘One moment’ range.
I wore a lot of Catherine designs on the Circle.
Always lovely feminine shapes, detailed collars and colours that don’t date. Manufactured in Melbourne too, there is a very high attention to detail in the tailoring of the garments.
For winter days, the Hillary Jacket & Napoleon Coat (love the word play there too).

Here’s me wearing a gorgeous Catherine Leon dress from her last collection.

Another of my favourite Melbourne designers is Livia Arena.
Here’s a link to a recent interview with Livia. I adore her translucent ‘Peek a boo’ blouses…. sheer top with peter pan collar worn on the inside. I call it sexy corporate.
Also the ‘Silkie jumper’ (second image). Made with one panel of black wool crepe and one panel of fluffy white polyester.

Jumper can be worn with either panel as front or back. I wore it recently on a shoot. It was delicious and a bit out there!
Also pictured is me in a Livia Arena ‘Loxston shirt’ and in both photos accessories are by Emily Green. (Livia is having a Sale, so if you’re credit card is looking for a quick swipe…). Hurrah. Who needs a TV show to write about local fashion. NOT ME…(but you know, it’d be nice BUT…NOT ME).


Well as you probably have heard (or not perhaps if you avoid mainstream media…good on you!). The Circle, the little TV show I work on, has been axed. Gone. Over.
I write about it here.
BUT, the show, not literally, but figuratively must go on and I’d like to keep Love Local Fashion cranking. Although I won’t be wearing clothes and accessories ‘on air’ I will be still hopefully be writing about them and going to shows and blogging photos at events etc.

Disappointed but so happy to have had six months to flash my locally manufactured friends’ wares and raise some awareness of the massive talent we have here in Australia in the world of fashion.


Day 36

I’m lucky enough to be co-hosting wearing a favourite of my lovely Circle friend and fashion lady Emily Power, Melbourne label Leonard Street. Designer Amanda McCarthy launched her first collection in 2005 and has been going gangbusters ever since. They have shops in Victoria but can be purchased online nationally.
The ‘Runway Dress’ features a georgette feather print (exclusive to Leonard St) dress with round collar, elastic waist band, soft flared sleeve and curved hemline…it is of course made in Australia.
lovely earrings by melbourne Von Treskow



We had a terrific wedding day! Fun, frolics and laughs! It was small, intimate and oh so fun.

An uber two day set up (our venue was a private house, therefore we re-tooled it into a wedding venue).

15 friends, wine, good ‘working music’ and a lot of team work later we pulled it off.
We changed the lounge room to a dining room.
It was DIY to the max and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We collected jars for tables and candles for 10 months… pasta sauce anyone? I sewed the bunting and napkins…
we purchased bunches of tulips from our local florist, hessian for the runners, table cloths and lanterns from eBay…the list goes on.
My gorgeous dress is Australian made (of course) by Wayne Cooper. It was my pick because not only was it warm (wool!) it fitted like a glove (no alterations) and made me feel fabulous.
I’ve created a Pinterest page featuring all of our suppliers, so if anything inspires you or takes your fancy, click away.

Love it.

Dress giveaway

Goodness I wish I had forty dresses to give away. Seriously quite surprised and chuffed about how many people contacted me after seeing the segment on yesterdays show!
Vinnies donated the dress and also left a comment on the blog yesterday which I wanted to share with you.
I couldn’t agree more. We saw so many stunning vintage dresses on the day of the shoot, I could have left with them all….lots of gorgeous relics that would cost a bomb now, so if you are looking for a wedding dress that’s both economically friendly and has a bit of history, do check out your local second-hand shop because there are certainly a much larger supply of dresses there.
It was really very hard to choose someone to share the dress with but in the end I chose Susan, who is having a budget wedding in September. Good luck to you Susan and I hope you can share some photos with us of your big day!
Right, I’m off to bed. We’ve got a BIG day of setting up tomorrow at our wedding venue…so very much to do on this cold rainy day!
Looking forward to wearing my all Australian made bridal get up….my beautiful Wayne Cooper number and Karlie Gartner, hair accessories and jewellery!
See you on the other side.

Day 35

Co-hosting is always marvellous and especially having some couch time, the week of my wedding with the Circle ladies…well that’s just a treat!
I thought I’d wear one of the more high profile locally manufactured and designed labels, the one the only, Manning Cartell.
A rather striking Ink Trap Blazer (in black).
Soft sign top ivory
Lampwork stepped hem trousers (in Purple)

Today I am giving away this fabulous vintage dress (as seen in the budget wedding package) donated by Vinnies. If you would like to give thius dress a fabulous revival at your upcoming wedding or know someone who would, leave a comment here and I will select a winner. The dress is size 8-10.


Day 34

Well it’s take two for this outfit after my unfortunate late plane incident last week. A fascinating trip to the backstage area of the Melbourne Museum for our continuing series on ‘odd jobs’. We interviewed Kym who specialises in taxidermy and restoration of specimens and samples at the museum (and not just the ones on display, there are over 38,000 mammal samples and mounts stored behind the scenes on site and 70,00 bird, nest and egg samples!).
For such an adventure I wore a gorgeously flowy Thompson Clothing Faith Dress (in Lime/Black).
Designed and manufactured in Western Australia, Thompson Clothing have been creating their wonderful designs since 2002. I paired the dress with a necklace by Melbourne designer Emily Green. 18 hand formed beads threaded onto an 80cm tan plaited leather cord. I LOVE these necklaces. They are always commented on….’are they edible?’…’they look yummy’ etc
I am so hanging to get my mitts on one of her scarves as well!
Co-hosting the Circle tomorrow in a rather stunning Manning Cartell ensemble that I might just have to leave the country with.
Getting hitched on saturday so it might be a little quite for a few weeks but I’m sure you’ll find something to do with your time!

Day 33

Coffins anyone? Today I helped make one…a cardboard creation with a floral motif. As a part of our ‘odd jobs’ series for the Circle I’m visiting a number of workplaces that may be considered to be a little alternative. Today I met the staff at Life Art, a company that specialises in cardboard coffins (that can be personalised). Understandably, a little confronting for some, I found it pretty interesting and was glad to hear that cardboard is considerably better for the environment (biodegradable) and you can go nutso with the design. One of my more odd photo poses….
This is BentoSophie Skirt‘, a wonderfully warm navy, silk lined skirt that sits above the hips. It is subtly pleated around the waist and is very flattering (even when you’re having a frumpy dayl!) Gorman leather belt. White blouse by Gida Darling.
I then planned to pop on a plane and head back to Melbourne just in time to interview some lovely people involved with SIDS and Kids and the Red Nose day Choir. A wonderful service and a great group of people. Yeah, best laid plans…..
Quick outfit change in the airport….all ready  for the shoot that didn’t happen…..my plane was late (so I was all dressed up and nowhere to go). I was wearing  Thompson Clothing Faith Dress (in Lime/Black). Designed and manufactured in Western Australia, Thompson Clothing have been creating their wonderful designs since 2002. Dames and Divas Kimono earrings, matched the dress splendidly. A piece of lovingly unstitched and up-cycled Japanese vintage silk kimono is placed into a handmade bronze base and set under crystal clean resin. Each piece is then hand soldered together to create these gorgeous Earrings. I shall re-wear next week and the outfit will make a comeback.
Ah well, you can’t help bad weather!

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